For The Love Of Wine: Types Of Glasses

Life as we know it is full of facts and fables. One of the most agreed upon facts is that a glass of wine makes for better dining experiences. Wine is one of the few things that not only stands the test of time, but ages rather well with it. From the very moment you uncork the bottle to that gentle swirling of the glass to those little sips that soothe your senses - the entire process is a rare indulgence, one that lingers long after the moment has passed, leaving us in a daze of sheer delight.

When we talk of barware, different kinds of wine glasses come to mind. The shape and size of a wine glass can make a significant difference when it comes to flavors and aromas. The best part about wine indulgences is that we don’t necessarily have to be a sommelier to revel in its bittersweet characteristics; one just has to have an acquired taste for it. But, if you want to dive a little deeper into the many wonders of wine, there’s a lot to be discovered. You can start with familiarizing yourself with different types of wine glasses.

Let’s begin with the difference between red wine and white wine glass. White wine glasses have smaller bowls, and their walls are less curved as well. They have much narrower openings as compared to red wine glasses. Here are some other popular wine glass types and uses-

10 Types Of Wine Glasses

1. Bordeaux Wine Glass:

This one stands tall, and is a perfect fit for full-bodied red wines like a Cabernet. The shape of the glass allows younger wines to breathe free. But, the true beauty of this glass lies in the way its large bowl directs the wine to the back of your mouth.

2. Burgundy Wine Glass:

Delicate wines demand and deserve more room - Pinot Noir, Italian Barolo, and Barbaresco - to name a few. You can relish their flavors in these bigger bowled glasses. They enhance the acidity and intensity of medium to full-bodied wines.

3. Chardonnay Wine Glass:

This one is designed to please the chardonnay lovers above all. It is a u-shaped bowl, and is slightly upright. It has a larger opening that lets the wine flow to the sides and tip of your tongue, allowing you to truly cherish your chilled wine.

4. Cabernet Wine Glass:

If you are an ardent appreciator of aromas, this glass is made for you. When it comes to this wine glass, the less you pour, the more fragrant the wine is - all thanks to its wide bowl and a narrow mouth. It allows the wine to breathe properly, and brilliantly captures the aroma.

5. Rosé Wine Glass:

Rosé never fails to bring exquisite indulgences, and therefore deserves to be treated right. These long-stemmed glasses provide just the right consistency in temperature. If you plan to sip on a mature wine, a short-tapered Rosé glass is your best bet. 

6. Pinot Noir Wine Glass:

This one's for sweet tooths. The turned-out flared lip of the glass directs fruity, and crisp wines to the front of the palate. Since the glass is large-bowled, it makes the art of swirling all the more fun.

7. Sparkling Wine Glass:

When it comes to sparkling wine or Champagne, the right glass can make all the difference. The chances of it falling flat are higher if you choose the wrong-shaped glass. This glass is designed to save you from just that. It has an upright shape to help maintain carbonation.

8. Zinfandel Wine Glass:

The shape of this wine glass brings out the wine's rich, fruity notes. It features a smaller bowl compared to the Bordeaux glass. Its thin rim directs the flow of the wine to the center of the tongue, allowing you to experience each shade of flavor.

9. Port Wine Glass:

This regal glass is made to celebrate the aroma of a sweet dessert or port wine. It's a much shorter version of a Bordeaux wine glass, but brings you delight in abundance. 

10. Viognier Wine Glass:

White wine enthusiasts, this one's for you. Although it serves to be a good match for all kinds of wines, it's best paired with aromatic, slightly tangy, crisp white wines. An elegant glass for many indelible wine experiences.

Build Your Barware with Ikai Asai

Now that you know of the different styles of wine glasses, it’s time to make them a part of your barware with Ikai Asai. Our barware collection comprises handcrafted wine glasses, decanters, coasters, corkscrews, shakers, shot glasses, peg measure, and bottle stoppers.

When it comes to wine glasses, each piece of ours celebrates a legacy. Presently, in the bustling town of Firozabad in India, our craftsmen follow centuries-old glass blowing traditions to create this glassware. Each piece is inflated with a blowpipe to form a glass bubble and then carefully moulded into contemporary glassware; the perfect amalgam of heritage and modern art.

Our Process:

-First, molten glass is inflated with a blowpipe to form a glass bubble, which gives it a bulbous shape. Each piece is mouth-blown individually by our craftsmen.

-Then each piece of inflated glass is moulded into a shape according to its utility.

-All our shapes are largely inspired by traditional Indian utensils. Which is why this glassware is also well-known as Indian Hand-blown Glass.

-Also, it's interesting to know that, in keeping with the other forms of the Deva collection, our shapes have been kept very simple so they can complement other materials as well.

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