For Lasting First Impressions: Living Room Décor Ideas

A house is something made of four walls, a roof and a ceiling. A home, on the other hand, is a lot more than that. It is a safe place for us and our loved ones to make merry memories; it is our sanctuary, our comfort zone, our safe corner in the city. This home represents us in more ways that we think - how we polish every corner with care, how we adorn it with handpicked elements; each piece of décor gives the guests a glimpse into our very personality and a thoughtfully led lifestyle.

When it comes to decorating homes in a way that they reel your guests right in, there is a treasure trove of ideas out there on how to decorate living rooms. Here are some home décor ideas for the living room that can help you get started-

Living Room Center Table Decoration Ideas

1. Go Green:

What better than a spacious living room with a little life thriving right in the centre of it? In a world that is now more inclined towards a sustainable way of life, you can extend your support by going green with your living room. Select a sturdy vase that can hold a little plant within; one that can best promote its growth. This makes for one of the most thoughtful living room corner table ideas for multiple reasons. You welcome a little bit of nature in the form of succulents or easy to maintain plants into your home, and they selflessly bring a fresh aura and obvious charm along with them. There are a number of Ceramic, Longpi or Stoneware succulent planters available out there, so you can experiment with the themes to your heart’s content.

2. Floral Touch:

Another enticing and eco-friendly way of decorating your living room centre table is by adorning it with colorful flora and fauna. The best part is that you do not have to pluck the flowers off the plants. You can take some other creative routes instead. All you have to do is take a walk in the garden to take some inspiration. Then, you can create some DIY flowers out of colorful paper crafts and place them in a decorative way into glass vases. If you love indulging in the art of hosting in the evening, then you can place some scented candles alongside the glass canvases - this makes for an elegant setting for both formal and informal occasions.

Corner Decoration Ideas For Living Rooms

1. Art Corner:

Making a little room for art in your living room will always make for a pleasant experience for you and for your guests. If you yourself are an artist, then you can dedicate a corner of your living room to displaying your talent in all its glory. If you are a connoisseur of a certain kind of craft and love collecting different artifacts, you can put them on display in the living room corner for the world to enjoy the pieces just as much as you do. There are multiple brands out there who bring you easy access to lovely handmade pieces by artisans across the world - all online.

2. Rustic Appeal:

If you love all-things-out-of-the-box and all-things-nature, here is an idea that is sure to take your fancy. Look for a large and sturdy chunk of a tree trunk. Level it out at the bottom in a way that it can hold its ground. You can then carve out different spots on the truck to place different items like photo frames or little souvenirs and gifts. You can even adorn it with little succulents. This will make for an idea that is exceptional both in terms of visual appeal and high functionality. Moreover, if your living room must follow a rustic theme, then this idea will fit perfectly into it.

Diwali Decoration Ideas For Living Rooms

1. Fairy Lights For The Win:

Diwali being the festival of lights, it is only fair to brighten up your living room with some fancy fairy lights, while the diyas shine bright outside in your balcony or garden. When it comes to fairy lights, there is plenty to choose from as well, from stars to long strings studded with differently colored lights. You can let your creative juices flow freely and paint the corners of your living room in a way that brings out the best of your living room décor and wall colors / wallpapers. You can even roll a fairy light string and place it in a round glass vase at the centre of your table, surrounded by little scented candles.

2. Little Lanterns All The Way:

Yes, as tradition demands, there has to be one large primary lantern that guards your door with pride during Diwali. However, that does not have to take away from the obvious charm of the little lanterns that accompany it. You can hang little lanterns that are in sync with your living room décor - in terms of colors, textures and such. Here is where you can indulge in some DIY fun to make merry festive memories with friends and family. These small lanterns will surely contribute greatly to giving a festive makeover to your living room.

Handcrafted Vases By Ikai Asai

No matter the theme, the spot or the occasion, vases can play a vital role in making your living room more inviting. To help you adorn your living room with pieces that hold the power to impress and inspire, here are some handcrafted vases by Ikai Asai. Artisans from across the country delve into centuries-old craft types to bring you each piece, crafted to perfection-

1. Longpi (Delhi):

Distinguished by its surreal black glow and rustic matte finish, our Manipuri pottery carries great historical significance. Crafted by hand-patting clay, our unglazed pieces acquire their natural sheen from an age-old low-firing process. Moreover, Longpi chips on ageing, creating unique patterns on each artefact - the perfect homage to the beautiful imperfections of the handmade.

2. Terracotta (Maharashtra):

Our fine terracotta is handcrafted by gifted craftsmen, descending from a lineage of traditional kalakars. Using ancestral knowledge, our craftsmen channel the creative energy of the elements of nature, to create pieces that cut through the fabric of time and civilization.

3. Glasswork (Delhi):

In the bustling town of Firozabad in India, our craftsmen follow centuries-old glass blowing traditions to create this glassware. Each piece is inflated with a blowpipe to form a glass bubble and then carefully moulded into contemporary glassware - the perfect amalgam of heritage and modern art.

4. Kutch Clay (Gujarat):

Our artist from Auroville has taken from her fond memories of watching a wise matriarch carefully store handmade pickles in off-coloured mustard jars to create tableware. We mould the essence of the venerated Barni, into exquisite stoneware, with each piece manifesting a distinct mustard glaze.

5. Studio Pottery (Mysore):

Our ceramic vases, with their rounded curves and light blue colour, are a playful yet elegant addition to any corner. They are handmade by artisans in Morbi, Gujarat. Place a bunch of white lilies or pink carnations in the vase for an easy fix to livening up a forgotten corner at home.

6. Metal Work (Rajasthan):

Our artists operate in Moradabad, the largest copper making region of India, rightfully known as the Peetal Nagri (Brass City). They use advanced technologies like electroplating, lacquering and powder coating to create contemporary metalware adorned with time-tested designs.

Be it be festive occasions or an everyday affair - if you wish to transform your living room into a space that best shelters incredible experiences, our handcrafted vases are here to serve you well. Explore our Décor collection and select from pieces born out of inspiring crafts.






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