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₹ 4,000.00


Wooden Serving Bowl & Spoon & Fork

Channeling the power of nature, this set is as inspiring artisans of Auroville who crafted it. A means of preserving our health and well-being, it is what we need to recreate ourselves.


Craft Type:  Wood Work

Our eco-friendly woodwork is crafted by nature-loving artists from Jaipur, Saharanpur and Auroville in highly skilled wood workshops. The wood used in this craft is sourced from the Acacia tree, grown in sustainable forests in Auroville. Each piece is made from 100% wood with no additional composites, wood pulp or plywood in it. Our shapes are kept purposefully simple, with a focus on quality, durability and sustainability, ensuring a long shelf life. Moreover, the natural colour and even texture of the bark of the Acacia tree gives our woodwork an inviting warm colour and a satisfyingly smooth touch.

Made in:   Rajasthan

Material:  wood

Dimensions (cm):  Length: 25.5, Height: 1.3, Breadth: 7.4, Dimeter 20

No. of pieces in a set: 4, Set of Two salad bowls, Spoon & Fork


Woodwork is the process of wood being carved using a cutting tool or a chisel by placing one hand on a chisel and the other on a mallet.
Once a wooden figurine is carved, it is sculpted to perfection by using tools that cut and mould shapes into the wood, while it turns on an axis of rotation - this process is known as woodturning. This process requires a tool called a wood lathe, which performs various aspects of sculpting such as cutting, knurling, facing, turning, drilling and deformation.

Upon completion, to achieve the final finish each piece is sanded down, using the wood lathe mentioned above.



- Clean your vessels immediately after you use them.

- Soak a soft sponge in tepid water, apply mild dish soap and gently rub your vessel clean.

- On cleaning, dry the woodwork with a soft towel and let it sit out overnight to air-dry as well.

- Irrespective of your usage, you will need to do a monthly upkeep ritual to maintain the colour and shine of the wood. To do this, you'll need a soft cloth and conditioning oil. After cleaning the woodwork, gently rub a liberal amount of conditioning oil onto all sides of the vessel. Make sure to get the sides and bottom of the vessel as well. Set the vessel on a towel to let the oil sink in for a few hours, then apply a second coat. Repeat, until the bowl doesn't absorb any more oil. Then with a clean and soft cloth, gently rub off any oily residue left over. This process instantaneously restores the vessel's original vibrancy and colour.


- Store the vessel in a cabinet without letting it fully dry to prevent swelling and cracks.

- Submerge the vessel in the water, to prevent swellings and cracks.

- Leave your vessel to soak or to dry naturally, lest it cracks or warps.

- Store your vessel in the fridge.

- Leave moist food in it for a long time or overnight.

- Use a dishwasher to wash or rinse the vessel.



₹ 4,000.00

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