Revel In Floral Bliss: 7 Table Flower Decoration Ideas

As much as we love and crave greenery; it is not all that nature has to offer. Yes, the first thing we think of when it comes to nature are the vast stretches painted green through and through. But, one of its most breath-taking offerings is a flower blooming in all its glory, demanding attention, and rightfully so.

Today, a flower is not simply a gift of nature. It is a declaration of love, a sign of hope, a peace offering, a friendship renewed, a way of bringing a little bit of nature to the table, and the list goes on. Above all, it is an indication that tomorrow will come bearing new beginnings. When flowers bring us the promise of having all that we dream of, it is only fitting to make them a part of our celebrations.

Floral decorations on tables serve almost all senses - vibrant colors that are easy on the eyes; enchanting fragrances lingering in the air; the soothing touch of silk-like petals - everything about it makes for pleasant experiences. A floral touch can take you a step closer to becoming the perfect host. Here are some flourishing ideas for table decoration with flowers to help you host a memorable affair-

7 Popular Flower Decoration Ideas

The world of flower decorations is vast, to say the least. The variations are available in abundance - an impressive range of colors, shapes, sizes, fragrances. This is what makes flower decoration for home a tricky task, but also a creative one. Let’s explore some simple, yet sensational ideas to turn your table into a masterpiece-

1. The Best Of Everything:

Nature is generous in the sense that it has a lot to offer. Every little offering can add a lot of character to your setting. You can create an artistic centrepiece by pairing flowers with sticks or leaves in a tall vase. Assemble them in a way that the end result is a gorgeous mix of greens and flowers. The sticks can add a slightly rustic touch to a refreshing setting. Make sure to choose tall-stemmed flowers for this concept.

2. DIY Flowers + Glass Bottles:

Not all flowers have to be sourced straight from nature, some can be handcrafted out of paper as well. Pick some clear glass bottles and secure the paper flowers on to them in set patterns with some glue. You can weave the paper flowers into a string and create swirls around the glass bottles as well. Adding a string of fairly light along these swirls is the best way to light up your setting, and to best display your floral decorations.

3. Lanterns Laced With Flowers:

If an inviting outdoor setting is what you desire, lanterns have to be a part of the picture. They do not have to be too extravagant. In fact, simple lanterns with a solid black or white frame are recommended so that there is more room for flowers to be the hero. Small flowers can be arranged in a colorful bunch and placed at the top of lanterns or around them. This will work wonders for a vintage-themed wedding reception.

4. Flowers, Shimmering With Sparkles:

No matter the kind of celebration - birthdays, wedding receptions, baby showers, or close-knit get-togethers - adding some sparkle never hurts; especially when complemented with flowers. Select some tall silver or gold painted vases. Sprinkle a little bit of sparkle on your flower bunch, and place them in the glossy vases. The idea might seem a little too simple for a centrepiece but if done right, it can redefine elegance.

5. A Bowl Full Of Floating Flowers:

If you love indulging in the art of hosting every now and then, you are sure to have a few extra glass bowls tucked away in your cabinet. This is where you can put them to good use. Fill them halfway with water. Trim the stems of the flowers until they are only about one inch long. Cut a circle of bubble wrap slightly smaller than the head of the flower, so that it is not too visible. Make a hole in the centre of the bubble wrap, large enough to hold the stem. Insert the stem in it, and let the flowers float free. If you plan to host at dusk, add some floating candles to the bowl.

6. Flowers, In Contrast:

If you want your table painted with a pop of colors, take the contrast route. Given that flowers come in shades we do not even know of, there is a lot you can experiment with here. You can go wild and make extreme combinations like white with red, lavender with light pink, yellow with green. More often than not, white flowers paired with any color makes for a soothing sight. Here is where you can opt for large-sized flowers for the colors to speak louder.

7. Hanging Flower Balls:

Disco balls have been the life of the party ever since their arrival. Much like them, hanging flower balls also work wonders when adding a little fun to the celebration. Flowers arranged as a sphere are eye-catching. Create floral balls out of foam blocks, sturdy wire, silky ribbons and flowers of your choice. You can adorn the ceiling area right above your table with flowers balls, all in different shapes and colors to make things more dramatic.

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